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Creatine Myths Cracked, Case Closed!

Creatine is one of the most effective and popular supplement which improve performance in workout, thus build muscle. However, you might heard the horror stories and myths about it. So what is the truth about the creatine?

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Creatine: Weight Gain? Muscle Gain? Rather, Performance Gain

If you are a gym freak or bodybuilder or simply interested in fitness training, beside whey protein you have likely heard a lot about creatine and the muscle miracles it performs. Unfortunately, most people believe that creatine supplement build muscle mass, but probably not the way you are thinking.

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Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier

Over 1 million copies sold! With new exercises, additional stretches, and more of Frédéric Delavier’s signature illustrations, you’ll gain a whole new understanding of how muscles perform during strength exercises.

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Do Muscles Really Make Men More Attractive To Women?

Is there any real proof that having a well muscled physique makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? Interestingly enough, there actually are scientific studies out there that answer that question, though the answers might surprise you.

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Men Prefer Curves, Not Skinny

It seems like so many women are constantly looking for effective diets or workout plans to make them size zero. “The less my weight is, the more popular and attractive I am”. But what type of figure really does drive men crazy?

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Snacking: Peanut Butter and Banana Toast

If you looking for good pre-workout snack, peanut butter and banana toast is one of the best choice. It's very easy to make, tastes great and is good for you too! It takes only five minutes to prepare, but provides over 350 calories.

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20 Proven Tips for Skinny Girls to Gain Weight

I am known as the skinny girls who eats everything and never gain weight. I cant put on any pounds, I can't change what I can't control.

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Characteristics of a Good Weight Training Program

There are many training methods out there, but how do you know if they work? Make sure your workout program have these characteristics.

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Six Pack Abs for Skinny Guys

Skinny guys are blessed as they have to pay less concentration to their tummy. With a little effort they can build solid rock six pack abs with lesser time. Doing three exercises consistently with proper form you will achieve your desired six pack abs.

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How To Use Protein Timing for Maximum Muscle Growth

Proper protein timing is an important part of your health and fitness regime. If you fail to consume enough protein at the right times throughout the day then you may make smaller performance gains than expected. Also you risk overtraining as you may not be giving your body the fuel to repair, rebuild and replenish muscles after exercise.

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