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How to Set Fitness Goals that will Motivate You

Do you fail at achieving your most significant fitness goals? Why not create a powerful 'motivation sheet' that will always point the way?

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IFBB Pro Victor Martinez Demonstrates Best Leg Workouts

If you have been around the Iron Game for a while You should have known Vitor Mrtinez. He has the perfect combination of size, freakiness, and aesthetics – he’s a new breed of muscle. In this video, Vic has demonstrated best leg workouts videos for building Tree Trunk legs.

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Bodybuilding 101: Reps

Probably the most common question pro bodybuilders receive at seminars is 'How many reps should I perform?' Everyone wonders if there is some magical rep range that will produce the biggest and fastest gains in muscle size.

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Importance of Sleep for Muscle Growth

Most people don’t realize it, but sleep and muscle growth goes hand in hand. When you think about building muscle mass the first thing you probably think of is spending hours in the gym. The next thing you probably think about is the diet and nutrition necessary to help recover and build muscle. Most people probably don’t even consider how sleep can affect building muscle.

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Why Eggs Are Critical In A Bodybuilding Diet

Because there is always new research and information regarding physique building and fitness, Dr. Jim Stoppani likes to test nutrition and supplementation variables on himself. Through his years of research and self-testing, Jim knows exactly which macros will produce the best results. In this video, he explains why eggs are such a critical component to a muscle building/fat loss diet.

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Mark Rippetoe’s Strength Training Routine

Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength routine is one of the most sought out beginner’s programs on the internet and perhaps an even more popular book. Those have used it have testified to the gains it can help generate.

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You Either Recover And Improve… Or You Don’t

Quicker your recovery will be = More frequently you will be able to train them = More stimulated the muscles will be = More muscle growth you will be see = Better you will look. Simple equation. So, why don’t you start focusing on recovery and muscle regeneration little bit more?

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Lou Ferrigno

Get Arms Like The Hulk With Lou Ferrigno’s Mass Building Bicep Routine

Learn to get arms like the ever-popular and bodybuilding legend Lou Ferrigno as he shares his secrets of building monster sized arms. In this workout routine we will talk about his strategies he uses, his lifting form, and some special techniques he used to force hulk like biceps.

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Antonio Cesaro’s 5 Tips to Get in Shape Now!

Antonio Cesaro boasts an awesome combination of athleticism and power. He shares five tips with WWE for getting in the best shape right now.

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Skinny Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

Don't focus on skinny, do focus on healthy. Because the most beautiful women is neither fat nor skinny. She is healthy.

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